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Luxion released KeyShot 5.1 with advanced rendering features

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Luxion, the leading developer of 3D Rendering, lighting and animation software, recently launched the most updated version of its Keyshot product series alias KeyShot 5.1.

KeyShot 5.1 is compatible with PTC Creo 3.0 having an restructured plugin and offers new import capabilities for Maxon’s CINEMA 4D file format along with import of part and camera animations.

This latest version of KeyShot is specifically designed for improving the functions around the rendering method. KeyShot 5.1 contains an innovative full multi-touch interface together with Retina Display support for all Apple displays, involving Macbook Pro laptops and iMac 5k displays.

With KeyShot 5.1, the users can get access to the complete series of Sørensen Leather materials via KeyShot Cloud. The colors and textures can go with precisely with the hides. There exist six latest KeyShot Procedural Textures ranging from Brushed (3D), Camouflage (3D), Lattice Circular (2D), Lattice Polygon (2D), Spots (3D) and Wood Adv. (3D) etc.

Patterns are completely renovated with KeyShot 5.1 facilitating the users to edit pattern, set scattering and automatically fine-tune camera to set the patterned parts. Now the users can apply any part in a pattern to introduce edit options for the pattern, keeping all materials and textures sustained once the pattern is edited. Scattering options will be distinctive to the chosen linear or circular pattern type facilitating either to be completely randomized instantly. The users of KeyShot 5.1 will be able to include saved cameras and Viewsets directly to the Render Queue.

Download a 14-day trial version

The existing users of Keyshot can upgrade to Keyshot 5.1 with subsctiption.

Luxion released KeyShot 5.1 with advanced rendering features

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