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MaxGrass – An exclusive max script for 3ds max users to create realistic grass and vegetation

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MaxGrass is a useful MaxScript for producing pragmatic grass and vegetation in 3ds Max. The script can be also applied to animate the grass/vegetation expansion which appears to be fully natural.

The users don’t have to use any plugin. MaxGrass does not utilize hair as well as particles. It applies genuine geometry to provide complete control on each blade or leaf and the results are useful for close up shots. The users can experience unlimited varieties through numerous parameters.

MadGrass is intended for newbie and advanced 3ds Max users. The advanced users will be able to tailor several features of the grass/vegetation like application of custom models as seeds, custom grounds, distribution/height/color maps, various animation parameters, materials and lots other.

MaxGrass contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Produce grass with a single click
  • Static and growth animated grass/vegetation.
  • Generates and animates various other types of vegetation.
  • Grass develops in bunches and contains natural bending of blades.
  • Demonstrates live view of the blade and a bunch while regulating the parameters.
  • In-built seed which is highly customizable by 11 parameters.
  • Properties like bunching, bending of blades, quantity etc are supported using 6 parameters.
  • Animation is customizable with 7 dissimilar parameters to manage timings, bend variations etc.
  • Custom models are utilized as seed.
  • Custom models are applied as ground.
  • Animated seed model is supported.
  • Distribution map, Height map and Color maps are utilized to manage growth and look of the grass.
  • Face selection based and angle based distribution.
  • 8 in-built Presets.
  • 7 types built in materials. Custom materials are also applied.
  • Saving and loading of user presets.
  • Assign or change built in materials any time.
  • Estimation of final poly count and warning for very high counts.
  • Environment formation (Skydome, clouds, sunlight) utility.
  • Free Upgrades and Support

You can download the Trial from here

MaxGrass – An exclusive max script for 3ds max users to create realistic grass and vegetation