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3D Plugin

SlideKnit is a useful script for 3ds Max to accelerate the process for modeling complex shapes

3d Model

Denis Keman comes with a useful video that shows how to model complicated shapes similar to carving onto irregular surfaces or rounded ones by applying SlideKnit script.

While creating a model of any complicated shape on an irregular surface, the 3d artists usually start developing the model by hand and move the vertices sequentially to make the carving fit with the surface. But the process is so time consuming. But this script can speed up the process significantly.

You can also learn how to set up the script through step-by-step process as well as how to create a custom menu within 3ds Max and port the plugin there.

You will also learn to wrap various types of geometry on diversified surfaces and how to unwrap rounded surfaces so they are finished up with planar UVW layout.

Link to download the script SlideKnit

SlideKnit is a useful script for 3ds Max