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Thinkinetic launched Pulldownit 3 compatible with 3ds Max and Maya

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Thinkinetic introduced Pulldownit 3 compatible with 3dsMax and Maya. This newest 3d application contains several updated features for Cg annihilation.

The 3ds max users can experience following advanced features:-

  • New Preview Mode for Shattering – The users will be able to envision all shatter params prior to rupture the geometry.
  • Conform Voronoi Reshatering – At the time of reshattering a model, any shatter pattern is included to the existing set of fragments impeccably. Besides, new Conform Voronoi reshatering lessen the number of straight edges in the shatter pattern, so the quality of the produced fragments becomes superior to a great extent.
  • New Width parameter for Radial Shatter – The users can fine-tune the size of radial pattern visually.
  • New Undo Last button – The users can undo only the most recent shatter operation.
  • New Crackers Window – There exist a new window that can manage dynamic cracks, calculated with various parameters for regulating the cracks generation.

  • New Clusters Panel – Now clusters of fragment can be arranged with diversified fracture parameters in the same fracture body. The users can edit clusters when required and save with the scene.
  • Bounded Force fields can break fracture bodies - Any bounded force field can break fracture bodies can be ruptured by any bounced force field perfectly.
  • Speed up auto body creation - The users can produce several rigid bodies instantly from complicated geometry in quickest possible time.
  • Maya viewport 2.0 supported in Maya 2015 - Vieport 2.0 is compatible with Maya 2015, though the performance of the tool is still speedy through legacy viewport.

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Thinkinetic launched Pulldownit 3 compatible with 3dsMax and Maya