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SunHours v2.0.7 – An exclusive plugin for perfect solar design

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Solid Green recently launched a free sketchup plugin alias SunHours v2.0.7. This sketchup plugin will allow sketchup users to deal with solar design efficiently.

With this plugin, the sketchup users will be able to visualize how sunlight relates with your building, facilitating the users to detect the application of sunlight early in the design phase perfectly.

The plugin can produce complicated calculation grids as well as arrange grids to any surface and then offset, edit and integrate them for creating a compliant surrounding to visualize sunlight data.

By applying sketchup’s in-built power to measure shadows, SunHours facilitates the users to operate a simulation over any time period to observe how many hours grid points remain in direct sunlight.

The plugin can also import data to demonstrate anything calculated or exported on a grid.

Go through the following link to download this exclusive plugin

SunHours v2.0.7 – An exclusive plugin for perfect solar design
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