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Autodesk will be launching Maya LT for professional indie game maker

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Autodesk is going to launch Maya LT, a “light” version of the Maya animation and 3D sculpting tools, which can be accessed on Steam from April 22nd onwards.

Maya LT is ideal for design surroundings like UDK, CryEngine SDK and even Unity. With its strong modeling tool set, Maya LT facilitates the Steam user of different skill level to produce & modify superior quality 3D game assets of any size. It also creates an easy to use workflow with the Unity 3D Engine.

The Game designers can easily avail the essential design tools to model and animate any characters as well as texture and light the characters. This feature allows the Game designers to perform everything for making any games from one source devoid of importing, exporting or transmitting the file from one tool to the next.

The Game designers can convey their characters to real world and utilize them in engines & design environments with a support to OBJ and FBX formats.

If any users buy the program from Steam, they will be eligible to have a distribution license for content creation. If any users create anything in Maya LT through the Steam version, they should not pay any royalties to apply those creations at the time of making any commercial games. There's a monthly license fee that will be obtainable for $50 U.S., dollars.

Autodesk will be launching Maya LT for professional indie game maker

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