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Chaos group ships v-ray 3.0 for 3ds max

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Chaos group just launched the most updated version of vray for 3ds max users alias V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max. This latest version of v-ray for 3ds max comes with complete lighting, shading and rendering toolset. Now 3D artists can enjoy a wide array of advanced features, technical up-gradation as well as support for open source knowledge.

V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max comprises of some improved features like easy to user interface, updated skin shader, probabilistic lights, dynamic rendering, quicker ray tracing, Faster settings, Superior v-ray frame buffer, render mask, more rapidly hair, Ray Traced SSS, Max Ray Intensity, VRmats etc.

V-Ray 3.0 is compatible with 3ds Max 2015. A new VrayPointParticleMtl material is also included with this new update.

This update contains the following:

  • V-Ray: Supplementary option to the .vrmesh exporter to automatically produce a Multi/Sub-Object material while exporting numerous objects in a sole file.
  • V-Ray RT CPU: Supplementary lights include/exclude list support.
  • V-Ray RT: Implemented showing Safe Frame once rendered in a viewport.
  • VRayProxy: Additional option to render particles as points.
  • VRayProxy: Additional option to allow/immobilize Alembic full names support in visibility lists.
  • VRayProxy: Additional support for hair and particles color channels from Alembic.
  • VRayProxy: Make the "Animation offset" parameter animatable.

A single new V-Ray 3.0 Workstation for 3ds Max will cost 750 EUR/ 1040 USD/ 650 GBP.

In order to promote to V-Ray 3.0 Workstation for 3ds Max from V-Ray 2.0, the users have to pay 300 EUR/ 420 USD/ 260 GBP

For more information, visit the V-Ray for 3ds Max product page.

Chaos group ships v-ray 3.0 for 3ds max