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Draw and create various 3d products through various 3d tools with Leopoly

3D Model

Leopoly, a community-supported modeling site as well as 3D collaborative playing field introduced by Leonar3Do. It is a simplified application useful for drawing & making 3d products.

Leopoly incorporates diversified 3D toolsets under a single online interface. One can prepare their designs for 3d printing instantly.

With Leopoly, the users not only get the ability to surf through numerous of 3d model made by other but also alter and customize them as per their requirements easily & quickly. It is known as ‘collaborative design.

Leopoly contains the following toolsets:-

  • A color tool: One can apply various colors within the rainbow and fill up their 3D models to make them real.
  • An engraving tool: The user will be able to engrave and emboss text as well as patterns into objects instantly.

  • A sculpting tool: This virtual claying tool is very useful for making organic shapes.
  • A parametric design tool: Sliders facilitates for producing revolving, parametric shaped objects like vases, cups, rings, and others in several forms swiftly.
  • A cubey tool: One can create objects out of the cubes.

The users can access Leopoly at free of cost. An advanced version enriched with premium features like limitless importing and exporting of designs, a bespoke online gallery, and access to a wide array of advanced tools.

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Draw and create various 3d products through various 3d tools with Leopoly