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Animate Sections Plugin for Sketchup

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This sketchup plugin is only compatible with sketchup 2014. The sketchup users can use this sketchup plugin to relate animated sections to their group or groups automatically.

The sections can be utilized in two different methods:-

"Animate UP" – Under this method, all the groups will be placed in the selection and the sections will be applied to each group. The sections will animate upper most direction.

  • Pick group/s
  • Plugins > Animate Sections > Animate Up otherwise apply the Animate Sections toolbar (View > Toolbars > Animate Sections) .... pursue the instructions

"Animate by Vector" – Under this system, a single selected group will be taken and relate the sections at each ends of a vector line. The users will be able to section cut in several path.

  • Choose one group as well as one edge/line.
  • Plugins > Animate Sections > Animate through Vector otherwise utilize the Animate Sections toolbar (View > Toolbars > Animate Sections) .... and abide by the instructions. - The sections will be positioned at each end of the line other than inside the group itself.

All sections are positioned on a layer on the basis of an animate name assigned by the user.

This sketchup plugin is available in sketchup extension warehouse.

Animate Sections Plugin for Sketchup