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Architectural Design with SketchUp - Component-Based Modeling, Plugins, Rendering, and Scripting

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The book is wonderfully illustrated with full color and descriptive images that complement each tutorial or exercise. Alex's teaching background really rings through as every item is nicely structured and very informative..

Architectural Design with SketchUp

Overall Alex's book is a winner. Well structured, illustrated and most of all easy to read and understand. While the overall theme is based in architecture, the techniques can be applied to any discipline and the wide range of topics covered are excellently delivered.

The one-stop guide to SketchUp for architects, designers, and buildersSketchUp is the tool of choice for architects, interior designers, and construction professionals. Though the basics are simple to understand, getting the most out of it requires deeper instruction and guidance. Architectural Design with Google SketchUp uses easy-to-understand tutorials to describe both common and advanced process, illustrated throughout with full-color renderings. Handy sidebars throughout the book cover fundamentals and background information. End-of-chapter exercises help readers master new skills and techniques. A robust companion website includes helpful videos, sample files, and plug-ins.

Author: Alexander Schreyer

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